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Getting to the Marina La Pergola or other docks in order to sail to Tortuga Island ....

A) How to get to Centro Turistico La Pergola Marina

The tourist center of Marina La Pergola has a pier located in the best area of Higuerote. From the large pier made by Perez Jimenez the boat will take you Tortuga Island.


B) How to get to Cuchivano - Salida para Isla la Tortuga

Cuchivano dock has a dock with direct access to the Caribbean Sea. From this pier our yacht will take you to Tortuga Island.


C) How to get to Explore Yachts in Bahia de Los Piratas in Carenero.

The pier A (The home of Sailboat Obsession) in el Club de Bahia de los Piratas (the safest marina in the world) here our sailboat or yacht will leave to Tortuga Island.


D) How to get to Tree Keys Tortuga Island by Explore Yachts in Buche Island - via Puerto Frances.

The only pier Tree Keys (The safest dock in the World) is your base for a yacht cruise to Tortuga Island.


Early departure from Carenero - Higuerote where we boarded our yacht as at 05:30 am on Saturdays. and the tour is 4 hours to reach Cayo Herradura where you have tents with meals and snacks but no alcoholic beverages (you wearing it), and services you can use the bathrooms in the yacht, spend all day on Cayo Herradura the Tortoise and the next day at 02:00 pm and are back to Guayacan Carenero Higuerote (see map).

Tortuga Island is reached by boat from Carenero or from Puerto La Cruz, the fastest way is by plane from Higuerote, or Maiquetia Airport in Caracas.

The cost of greater closeness and better navigation is Higuerote, Miranda State - and the output is more common in Carenero - departing from Bahia de Los Piratas - Careening Cay Harbour Island or Buche, from there they find the east wind predominates in the Caribbean Sea.

If you are a group of 8 or more can schedule the dates you want, either in the regular outputs or weekdays.

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