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Patrimonio NaturalAlonso de Ojeda and Amerigo Vespucci landed on the island in 1499 and given its name after seeing a lot of sea turtles on beaches.

Haven for pirates in the seventeenth century, was one of the dwellings of the privateer Henry Morgan.

From its shores, the intrepid navigator Welsh, serving the English crown, prepared his invasions of the main ports of Venezuela. The Dutch sailors salt mines exploded and became his first foreign inhabitants. In 1631, Spanish settlers expelled Cumana and dynamited the salt, in a desperate attempt to avoid the dreaded pirates.
Punta del Este today has a wild nature, hardly altered by the presence of fishermen's huts, an inn, a post of the Coast Guard, a dispensary and an airstrip. Today, some potentates purchased the villages and have become an exclusive hideaway weekend. In Cayo Herradura and Punta del Este, visitors can camp outdoors. It is recommended that campers stay overnight on the island for three to six days. An expedition was made by the sailboat Obsession and there are still amazing things to find on land and at sea ....


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