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Tortuga Island a natural refuge.

The favorite destination for owners of yachts, motorboats and sailboats in the second biggest island of Venezuela. Now offering tours every weekend in different vessels of various sizes - discover white coral sand + plenty of beaches. A boat ride from Higuerote, invites the traveler to discover its pristine coastline. After passing Carenero channels and start heading to the northeast, the boat moves gently and begins to swing in the right direction. The old fishing boat, owned by the family Lli, back and down the waves of the Caribbean Sea in search of its final destination: the pristine island of Tortuga, the second largest expanse of Venezuela, after Margarita island.
Passengers sprawled on the deck remain silent. Most want to escape the dizziness that produces the stubborn sway, lasting at least 3 hours. Sometimes, the sea shows his good humor and agree a serene ride.
Then, jubilant, everyone forgets their marine lethargy, rise, sing and dance, bathed in sunshine and a persistent breeze.
A flock of dolphins is about to greet the travelers.

Read more: The Last ParadiseTortuga Island (Turtle Island) is an uninhabited island north of Venezuela. It is part of a chain of islands that include Tortuguillas, Palaquines, and smaller keys. Tortuga was discovered in 1499 by Alonso de Ojeda. On his second trip, together with Amerigo Vespucci, the island was named Isla La Tortuga by Amerigo Vespucci because of the enormous presence of turtles on the island.

Read more: Arriving at Tortuga IslandThe Margarita fisherman discovered his passion for the sea early in the port of Punta de Piedras. There he dived to collect coins throwing tourists from the ferry. In 1996 he lost one of his lungs, while looking lobsters in the deep sea. Today, despite its limitations, it has not lost its vitality. Remember that La Tortuga is a paradise for artisanal fisheries in its various forms. Not surprisingly, every year a major sport fishing event takes place in its waters. The grunt, skate, barracuda, dorado, grouper, snapper and lobster specimens are most sought by fishermen.


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